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Back in a GT


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Hello all, 


Just found this forum and thought I'd join to learn more from fellow members, just await delivery of my GT4, once it's been PPF'd.


Had a GT3 afew years back before going Italian, now back in a GT ....... soon



Porsche GT4 Clubsport in White
BMW 335d MSport xDrive in Estoril Blue

Ferrari 458 Speciale in Rosso Corsa
Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Blu Abu Dhabi
BMW 530d MSport in Black
Porsche 997.1 GT3 Clubsport in Colbolt Blue



FG65OEX (19).JPG


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10 hours ago, DJMC said:

Looking good!


Side decals... self applied?


Regret selling the 997 GT3???


Decals are dealer fit....regret selling all my cars, but the GT3 i remember fondly, never missed a beat, and was driven lot, unlike the Italians that I became afraid to use as the values shot up.


The GT4 I intend to use the same way - as much as I can :D


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11 hours ago, Nail it said:

Looks very nice and another one from top555 I see

They seem a good bunch, got a fair deal, and are taking care of all the little things that I wanted sorting before delivery :D



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10 hours ago, Tom said:

Welcome to CaymanOC! Thats a fine looking car Dave :) 


Bit different to a Speciale??

I'm sure it will be, seems very good on the short test drive,  part of me says I hope it doesn't go up in value any more, so I can just get on enjoying a drive and not worrying about piling up the miles, cheaper insurance any upto legal speeds in the UK I'm hoping just as much fun :)



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