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Middle Interior Light


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Had my Cayman since August and only just noticed that in between the two interior map lights there is another small light pointing towards the rear view mirror. This light is always on as long as the ignition is on. 

Anybody know what it's for?

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So there is. It's on with doors unlocked too, ignition off.


I'm guessing it's some kind of night light to illuminate something or other?

I'm out in the dark later so will cover it up and see if I can see what I can't see. :S

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It's just to provide a glow to the interior when driving in the dark so you can make out what's what in the interior. Audis had these in back in the late 90s, my new BMW also has it.  Common. 

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The two rear interior lights have a small glow to them when not illuminated too, I noticed tonight.


4 hours ago, Beanoir said:

...my new BMW also has it.  Common. 


The ambient lighting... or the BMW?


I thank you... 


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according to the drivers manual. it is an LED 'orientation' light this comes on when dark to help you see around the cockpit. mine doesn't seem to work. DJ, I wonder if your LED has moved slightly in its housing and is back feeding  light into your interior light lenses. if its not and your bulbs are actually slightly glowing, I think I would be thinking of a bad earth somewhere

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