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To buy or not to buy


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Some help needed here please, hope I've come to the right place.

I would like to buy my first Porsche Cayman, but a little wet behind the ears so looking for some honest assistance.

Heres the car I like (for my budget) Cayman 3.4 S 24v, 2007, 26,000, asking price £19995, full Porsche service history etc. going to view it tomorrow.

what should I know about this car, bad points good points, please feel free to throw any advice my way.

will i get a return on it in years to come, if I keep it ?

Is it to over the top with coloured wheeels ?



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All looks really good,

but as I mentioned this my first experience of buying a Porsche,

when you say punchy, what are you pointing this..??


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hi Mac. welcome to the OC. my opinion for what its worth and from what I can see in one pic. great condition, extremely low mileage so it going to fetch a premium price. but at the end of the day its still 10 years old and gen 1, and I would be horrified if it did not have full history for such low mileage. I would have thought, based on what else is out there that £17k to £18k is ballpark. never seen one in this colour scheme though.

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Colour scheme is what attracted me to it, full history is with the car, and has only had one owner.........

but as you say it is still 10 years old, which does make me a little cautious...

would you recommend I search for the gen 2.....

i appreciate your in put, thanks....

any more info always welcome.....

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Hi Mac,


My advice is search for a good Gen 2 Cayman. Attractive as this one seems, I agree with Bushman it's still a 10 year old car. Gen 1 engines had a few issues, IMS bearings leaking, oil surge and scavenging problems when on the track, bore scoring, oil consumption etc. A full history of maintenance from day one and a current rev range check is essential. 


If you see a nice Gen 2 Cayman 3.4 S this would be a better car to buy. The Gen 2 CS had direct injection and a whole raft of engine improvements. More power also. 


Having owned 4 Caymans, a Gen 1 2.7, Gen 2 3.4 Cayman S, and latterly a Cayman R, I'd advise going for a Gen 2 every time.



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20 minutes ago, Mac said:

Received with thanks, this is sort of help looking for.

ok back to the drawing board...........


I concur, Gen 2 for peace of mind if nothing else. Also lower tax band so that's a few quid a year off. There does seam to be about a £5k jump for similar spec car on the move from gen 1 to 2, i think the enhancements are worth it though

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Ok porker, I'm sure you've got loads of time on your hands and nothing better to do.....go find me a car.....lol

keep repeating myself but new to this so constantly looking for good advice....



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