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Queries from sunny Chelmsford


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I’m slowly trying to understand its features and foibles of my new [to me] 2010 2.9 987.2C; any comments would be welcome, even it’s only to confirm that they all do that.


-Dipped beam H7 headlamps; were poor but now replaced with HID lamps.


-Tramlining; the car has pretty new P Zeros on 19” wheels, but show it some camber change or rutting in the carriageway and it’s all over the place. To miss-quote Mr Clarkson, “I’m half expecting to find it on the other side of the road to where I parked it”.


-Throttle response; I’m not yet at ease with the throttle, my speed yo-yo’s and isn’t constant, something I’m not aware of with other vehicles. But and a big but, the modulation on the pedal gives a good, response over the lower half of the rev range only, push the pedal harder and it effectively already at the floor and is absolutely hard, it’s run out of movement but the engine is still picking up.

I’m aware that on my Audi, the throttle response was a ‘learnt’ response, drive the car gently and total pedal movement would only adjust to give a partial throttle opening. Do a throttle body reset – total pedal movement would then re-equal WOT. It would then gradually creep back to match a more mature driving style.

With the Audi, a reset could be achieved by a turning the ignition on, not firing up the engine and then leaving it for 3-5 minutes so it could re-learn it’s settings.

Are their any similar ‘work rounds’ for the MA120C engine?


-Traction; the ease to break traction off the line is a bit unexpected, whether it’s the time of year and tyre temperature or a function of the above, don’t know?


-DRLs; tick the box - the dipped main beams plus rear lights come on once the ignition is on, [I thought DRLs were supposed to be front only],

switch to side lights and the front dips go out,

switch to main beams and we are back where we started.

Am I missing something?


Flame suit at the ready.

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Hi Duncan, 


I too found the standard H7's terrible and added an HID kit (5000K).


I'm running factory Cayman S 18's which most seem to rate across the forums compared to the Carrera 19's, I initially wanted to run the C2S 19's but was advised not to.


I can't answer your question regarding throttle response but in reply to the DRL function I sussed a "get around"...


I added a 12v switched live (by the ignition key to the first position) from the +(pos) side of the washer jet heater directly to the LED strip by the fog light on each side. Works perfectly and doesn't affect the operation of any other system as it's powering a single, low energy consuming LED.


Hope this helps,



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Before my S I had a 2.9 Cayman so I'll give my thoughts.


- Never thought the Halogens were that bad until I got my S with Xenons - now agree they're pretty awful!

- I had 19" wheels on Michelin PS2s and just before my fronts needed replacing it started tramlining. Never had a problem before. I have heard Pirelli's can go off well before the wear marker but if they're nearly new maybe tracking is off? My S has brand new Pirelli's on 19s and before I swapped over to Winter tyres I didn't notice any tramlining at all (and I'm sensitive to it as a previous car was a nightmare for it).

- I always found the throttle response razor sharp and very responsive on my 2.9 with no lag at all. My S, by contrast, can feel a little hesitant if nailing it from 2k revs initially, then it's fine. So inconclusive on that one.

- Yep, found on Summer tyres in cold, wet conditions the 2.9 was incredibly easy to get sideways - completely transformed on Winter tyres though.

- You only get proper DRLs if you have Xenons (they replace the front fog lights). On Halogens the 'daytime lights' option turns on the headlights and tail lights, on Xenons just the DRLs. Not very useful. The horizontal strip of LEDs aren't DRLs apparently.

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Hi Duncan,


I fitted a sprint booster to my Cayman S Gen 2 which makes a whole lot of difference to throttle where you can select 9 sport modes, 9 race modes, Idle lock for security and Valet parking mode for reduced performance and of course standard mode which has no effect over the origional response.

I find Sport 3-4 more than enough to reduce the lag. As you go sportier or racier one of the effects is also to shorten the pedal travel to full throttle.

I prefer to keep the throttle travel around the same and remove the lag.

Hope this helps and maybe some one near by has one fitted that you can try.

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On 28/02/2017 at 13:54, Beanoir said:

You can definitely have just the LED DRL lights on, I do on mine...

How so ? Would love to know the answer on this one too. Mine is a non-xenon PCR.

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