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Wheel Refurbishment


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Knowing how much some of you guys like photo's I thought I'd include a few of my newly powder coated wheels. These were done dark anthracite at BA Wheels in Norwich, a company I've used a few times and always with exceptional results. Although I left the loose wheels with them for a few days they also offer a same day service; drop off the car nice and early and pick up at COP, all done, tyres back on, balanced with colour coded weights, valve length of choice, no tyre wax etc, etc.




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2 hours ago, crafty1 said:

They look great, got me thinking about doing mine at some stage 


Thanks for the comment, I've only had the car a few weeks and it was top of my 'to do list'. The choice of colour wasn't too difficult but after seeing the post by Kai , and subsequent correspondence (thanks due), it was a lot easier to go for the dark anthracite. Although it didn't help that BA wheels does have a pretty vast range of colours, far more than their site shows, and also there's the diamond cutting option as well.


Good luck if you do decide to get them done.

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Thanks for the comments, I'd like to say I went for the Aston Martin anthracite but it was too light a colour... the best option was from Skoda :4fvgdaq_th:

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