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My first Porsche, 06 Cayman S


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very nice indeed! congrats! 


Third rad can be a good idea, but you have to be driving your car REALLY hard to get the water temp up in the UK in my experience.  I've only ever moved the needle when driving these cars bloody hard, up the side of a mountain in 40c heat, never seen it move on track.  


I'd recommend an oil cooler though and t'stat is a good move too



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22 hours ago, Bushman said:

Hi V9col. nice buy mate. welcome aboard. is the red centre console standard?

Thanks, yeah it was an optional extra, my friend has a white 58 plate with a painted one too.

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Nice car, in the best colour!


If you are planning to do track days you might want to consider some oiling system mods as the Gen 1 can be prone to oil starvation and big end failure if driven hard, especially with sticky tyres.   Check out Planet9.com if you haven't already.

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You can get the Spars from Ebay (link below). I fitted them to my car in February and I'm delighted with the results. Took about 40 minutes in all and in completely reversible. Joe who sells them is a really nice guy and is very helpful. Mine took around 10 days to turn up.









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