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Cayman GTR build by Road Scholars


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The guys at Road Scholars have created something quite special this time, dubbed the 'GTR'.   




Based on a 987 Cayman, it's been modified quite considerably including a custom widebody conversion, an enlarged 911 engine (4.2-litre), various GT3 RS parts (including carbon ceramic brakes), an exquisite-looking CAE ‘Ultra Short Shifter, a completely reworked interior and much more besides.





Watch the video and decide for yourself, but whether you love it or hate it there is no question it's been created and finished to a very high standard as you'd expect.  









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I love that, looks fantastic! 


Allot of work gone into it, it's nice to see modified 911's and Cayman, the US seems to lead the way with it. 

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Modifying cars to that extent is always going to divide opinion, but I think that the car looks fantastic. The rear arches are a little to flaired if anything, but other than that If Porsche had released this as a 987 GT4 I can imagine an awful lot of people would have been queuing up to secure a build. That steering wheel looks amazing compared to the standard 987 Sports wheel that I have in mine... 

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