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Hi all, 

Lucky enough to have just bought an early Gen 1 Cayman s. 

Been debating exhaust pipes and wanted a little expert opinion.

ll try to attach a picture to assist  but it n the eventuality that my tech skill is shite I'll describe the pipes on my new car.

they are upswept and appear as one tail pipe with two outlets and are almost square. 

Any ideas if this is standard or not? 

Live seen the same pipes on loads of other 987 so just interested to know the facts.


thanks and looking forward to getting involved.


regards Banners

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Hello, on this tailpipe what is the size of the opening connect the visible trim? as I was thinking of changing the trim, but I need to know the diameter to see if it would fit first.







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Sorry Anon but the original thread was to identify the pipes on my Cayman as opposed to open a discussion about replacements and as a result I have done no research on that point so there are definitely more people on here with specific knowledge to further assist you with the info you are after. Apologise mate! 

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11 hours ago, anon_uk said:

Sorry, I have added a picture below and it says it has a 56mm inlet. Not sure if this would fit/replace the existing Cayman S trim.




Where are they from? Surely the manufacturer will know if it fits or not? 


Edit: just realised they’re Akrapovic pipes, so they must advertise them as something specific

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my engineering eye ( best guess after a large sherbert) thinks that the tailpipe you have shown here is much too small to fit a stock Tee pipe. a Vernier measurement of mine reads exactly 70mm OD so that is what the bore of the new one will need to be. the overall length of the stock S Porsche item  is only 150mm long to keep it tucked in to the body line and no wider than 185mm or it wont fit through the rear splitter bodywork

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