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718 tuning


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Looking forward to see what they can do. (Business must be going well if they can buy a new car to play with, partly paid for by the reconditioned steering rack they fitted for me)



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45 minutes ago, Nail it said:

Well I have a few others getting 450 out off them already, must be very quick as the standard car in S format can keep pace with a gt4 on the road 

Oh I don’t doubt, turbo cars are very tunable. 9E have experience of tuning turbo 911 to quiet outrageous figures and looks like they pay attention to upgrading engine/transmission/brakes parts as required  so look forward to it.

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As said, it is relatively easy to increase the power output of a turbo engine.  Not sure why one would want to, though.  That is, where could the extra power be used?  And why risk the warranty on a new, (and expensive), car.  Of course, it is up to the owner to decide. 


When out of warranty, the car could be upgraded to make a GT3 equal on the track.  But then you would need more than engine improvements - and be capable of driving quickly.

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