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Coolant leak


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Got a coolant leak somewhere... No idea where.  My money is on one of the radiators being split but I'm looking to explore my options.


I'm trying to get the car on a ramp so that I can remove the plastic undertrays and visually inspect everything.


Besides the rads and the hoses that run under the car, are there any other common places I need to be checking?  I've seen people mention the expansion tank but I'm not getting any residue leaking anywhere which makes me think it's pooling up in the undertrays.

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No residue anywhere.  Not even a drop!


I'm thinking radiator(s) though.  Probably pin holes from stones.  Car is going on the ramp tomorrow and I'll give it a thorough check over.

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I had a 986 Boxster years ago that was losing coolant from one of the rads soon after I bought it but it was slow enough that there were no drips under the car.  Once I got the bumper off and separated the a/c condenser from the coolant rad, sure enough there was a tell tale sign of leakage on the rad itself.


The problem seems to be caused by leaves and other muck getting sandwiched between the a/c condenser and coolant rad, accelerating the corrosion process. Unfortunately, removing the bumper to get access to clean out the muck isn't part of the service schedule so it won't be done unless you ask for it or do it yourself.  One of our Caymans has Zunsport grilles but these don't seem to have made much difference to the accumulated muck between services.


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I cleaned the rads out and fitted grills a few months back.  Not sure on the outcome as I'll have to get back in there.


The car is going on the ramp tomorrow; I'm just speculating at this point.  I've got some fresh oil to go on (if you're gonna buy some to top it up, you might as well spend some more and change it) and I'll be having a good badgering whilst it drains.  I'll post some results if I find anything.

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