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Anyone recognise this track?


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It looks a lovely one to drive, so I’d like to know which track is it if anyone recognises it. ??



shame how it ended for this fella in his GT86, but the first few minutes are fun in his Audi R8, chasing a 987 cayman (anyone’s on here?). 


Cheers, Jason

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6 minutes ago, Simonl said:

That's Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire, near Louth

Many thanks Simon, it looks brilliant, lots of elevation changes - like a mini Nordschleife. 

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1 minute ago, Draven said:

Have you ever driven the Porsche track at Leipzig? Now that's a wonderful piece of tarmac ?

Nope, another one for the ‘track bucket list’ then ??????

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3 minutes ago, Windymiller said:

Nope, another one for the ‘track bucket list’ then ??????


In Leipzig Porsche has taken some of the best sections, from some of the best tracks around the world and joined them all together - the Mobil 1 S, the Bus Stop chicane, and the Corkscrew!


If you think driving the Corkscrew is scary on Gran Turismo or Forza, you should try it for real, quite possibly one of the most terrifying moments of my track driving life when I first tackled it, but it's absolutely wonderful once you stop being scared and start enjoying yourself.


I'm immensely jealous of anyone who lives close enough to Laguna Seca to drive it regularly, especially since that would also mean they get great weather most of the year ?

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