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Lets just get some pictures posted this week, the weather has been fantastic over the summer which begs for the Cayman to be driven.... and we all know that means pictures get taken... so lets see them!


Remember, you don't have to show the whole car, if there are any interesting parts inside or out you like to focus on, lets see those too.

A reminder below on the rules:


  • Each week we will start a new thread for you to post just ONE picture of your PORSCHE Cayman... not the animal variety…
  • If you decide to change your submission, then please edit the original post – duplicate submissions will be removed.  
  • We may suggest a different theme or model for instance, but each picture will have a nod towards the car. 
  • The members who's photo gains the most likes will be that week’s winner, if there is a tie break situation then staff will arm-wrestle over the one they prefer.. or consult the resident professional photographer.  
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