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Argos DA polisher

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its 600w so powerful enough, compact so easy to control, variable speed so you can keep the speed low and cheap enough to take a punt.

back it up with a selection of foam mops, Velcro backed and an M14 Velcro backing pad kit,( buy on line).

use good compound like Facla G3 and keep it wet and cold. Just my opinion though.

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Well I’ve got plenty of pads and compound, so should be good there.  


Problem with my old one is it was a bit heavy and after doing a full car it starts to ache a bit! Hoping this one looks a bit more compact and easier to work with 

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They are terrible.  Well worth paying the extra for a DAS6+ even for the home user.


I bought one to demonstrate the difference in poor tools at our training seminars lol

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I took a punt on one these a couple of years ago. It did an ok job for a first DA biggest complaint is the short cable it made it difficult to use at times. I also found it a bit awkward to hold at times well as the hand grip is fixed and can’t be moved.


I would pay a bit more to be honest a better DA is now on my shopping list. I’d imagine you would soon want to upgrade if you are anything like me. 

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