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Cayman 987 trunk release switch

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Maybe its your door open switch that's broken.

Sometimes the release of the trunk from the car dont work on my car either, sometimes they do.

The car does not know if the door is open or not so it does not release the trunk...but sometimes that door open switch works and the trunk opens right away.

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Hi Mate,

I have just bought a new switch for my car from 9apart and there is a guide on utube for fitting replacement carbon sill trim (not to my taste) but it does explain how to remove/replace switch and the tools required, hope this helps,


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My front "Frunk" interior switch is also broken... Its fairly easy to remove but its likely its not the actual switch that is the problem!


I took mine apart & found that one of the switch hinge tabs had broken off... I reversed the switch to test with the rear hatch trunk release (which works with no issues) & it still didn't work so doubt its the switch that's faulty? 

I haven't bothered investigating further as I just use the key blip buttons...

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I've purchased a new switch, may have chance to fit it tomorrow, hope it works.


Prices for the switch varied greatly. Design911 were most expensive at £96! I ordered it from 9apart yesterday and it arrived this morning for £67.


Thanks for the replies.



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