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Renaissance Classic Cars - Ripley (Surrey) - My experience

Dan Norton

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3 hours ago, Beanoir said:

Fantastic! Love hearing of car dealers like this 👍🏻


Car looks really nice! 


Thanks very much....Its very rare I can write about a dealer (I've experienced some terrible ones recently)...these guys derseve everything they get, as they are superb. 

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On 18/04/2019 at 11:23, phil27 said:

Its great when you find a good dealer. i purchased my Cayman from Cavendish Porsche in November 2017 and found the entire experience very pleasant and easy I could not fault them. It gives you a much better level of confidence in the car even if there are a few niggles.


Great looking cayman as well. 


You're not kidding regarding the confidence factor.....instead of just a sales target number, its nice to feel your custom wanted. 

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On 19/04/2019 at 06:18, Windymiller said:

Great story, lovely looking car, well done for taking the time to sing their praises 👍🏻


Thanks very much, i'm really over the moon with my Cayman, absolutely love it.


Also, with dealers, its all too easy for someone to start the negativity after a bad experience (which if its genuine, like what we had with the dealer we bought our Mini from), so when there's really good ones, i feel we should embrace that more.

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