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Hi all, 


New here and new to owning my Cayman S 987 absolutely loving it so far.


Iv seen that the engine cover can be changed to a transparent cover like the below photos.


Has anyone made the change? if so where can they be purchased from, preferably in the UK?


Also what are the impacts of changing it? 


Iv read that the cabin heats up quite a lot more and of course you get more engine noise, could anyone shed some light on how sever the effects are. 


Appreciate any help or advise 


Thanks in advance 





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Dont have any experience of one, but its not a great engine to look at, all black plastic, no chrome inlet manifolds or anything like that...

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I was toying with the idea of fitting one!


I gather they are only available in the US however?  The retail cost, plus import duty is steep too...


The engine bay/detailing isn't the best looking standard but with a little thought can be personalised/detailed...


Try taking the engine cover insulated carpet off & taking for a spin... It's LOUD lol... Lovely roar from the induction though!! ... I've even driven mine with the engine cover off & it's deafening!!



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not sure I would either, its an engine built for function not aesthetics and will never look as good as a red head V8 or 12. the loss of the rear cargo space and net seems pointless unless its only driven as a show car and then there is the added heat and noise in the cabin to contend with. but at the end of the day, its your car, your choice.

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I’m also looking for a Perspex engine cover I’m upgrading my engine with Yellow coloured air intakes 82 mm GT3 plenum throttle body 200 cell race cats I believe that a company call H P I. That used to manufacture them anyone know where I could purchase one now

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 I can supply, cut to size and shape with a cnc router in a variety of clear plastics, polycarb, perspex, makralon, acrylic but can only offer a flat profile.  I'd need a drawing or a pattern to make one.

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Also consider the noise and heat it will let into the cabin.


The standard cover has heat reflecting foil on it, and the thick carpet is sound deadening.

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