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Spykee's Modified 987.1


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Thats awesome. Love it. You have great taste in my eyes.  I think it's all pretty classy and done in what i'd call an OEM+ style; meaning if Porsche had the balls in the first place - this is how it might have looked !


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They're not actually Dougle, I think its just the light. I thought about tinting them as well as the rear window but with what I have planned it would be daft as you wouldn't see the engine.

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I had a bit of a fettle with the car on Monday. The trim piece arrived to do the Cayman R / Boxster Spyder canopy delete so I fitted that...

It was a pretty easy job. If anyone else is interested in doing this:


First pull off the trim under the instrument cluster - takes a little tug pulling from underneath the thinner section below the rev counter.



Then its 2x T20 torx screws under the cluster itself.



The cluster itself is held in with two metal retaining clips directly behind it. I found that it hung on quite hard so it took putting on a set of fabric workshop gloves to get enough grip.


You then have to remove remove the blue multi plug from the back of the instrument cluster - works on a hinged arm that rotates outwards and down in a 180 degree radius that ejects the plug.

Cluster was bloody filthy - played havoc with my OCD!



Then remove the other 7x torx screws from the top area of instrument canopy - the two at the bottom closer to the centre and the steering column don't need removing.



Once the canopy is removed its just a case of dropping the new trim piece in place and putting it all back together.











I've had some interesting comments on Facebook about this so again I think its a bit of a Marmite mod!


I'm going to get the Meteor silver painted in either GT Silver or the Aluminium Silver that the central dash trim strip is painted in but as the cluster needs dismantling to do it I'll do that when I change the colour of the dials over the winter when the car is off the road.


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