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Cayman R for sale


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Well done !


I wondered how this would fare in the current climate. I sold a ‘hobby collection’ a few months ago for a very similar amount. And in the light of how things have turned out ref COVID-19; consider myself very fortunate to have done so at what now appears to have been ‘the right time’. 

But I guess for something desirable; and one that may well continue to appreciate in value; there are always people for whom it isn’t such a big deal.


Health to enjoy the 997....

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Many thanks to you both. I too had wondered how the current climate might affect things but set a reasonable (good?) price for what I know to be a spot-on car and it seems that the rarer and more sought-after models are perhaps less affected by the current situation. Who knows, maybe just ‘fate’. 

997 siting shining at me and presumably feeling neglected like most other people’s pride and joys presently. 

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Well done on the sale! I would have been all over this had I not already bought mine late last year. Unicorn spec with PCCB and Xenons actually! 🙂


How are you finding the 997GTS in comparison by the way?

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997 GTS doe s not set my tinnitus off which is a good starting point! 

Relatively speaking, the Cayman is more involving wrt inputs and needs working harder to hussle it along. The GTS has 400bhp and the second you think about accelerating, it does - blindingly quick. The GTS spec is not as high as the Caymans so does not quite feel as special on the interior and it's white so not quite as bold to look at either. That said, for a single car for the future the GTS suits me better since both are fun but the GTS is quieter which helps my tinnitus and helps when chatting to my wife (who also acts as a secondary braking system). The latter becomes more important as the car use changes from solo weekend blasts to more social use so as you can see it is not quite so much a head-to-head with the same use in mind but a little morphing of use as my son rarely travels with us so the Porsche becomes more of a couples weekend car with some solo blasts. I'm turning into an old fart! 

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On 26/04/2020 at 09:00, Masher said:

Deposit taken Thanks for all the interest.

Will we see the new owner on here?


I still remember getting out of your R at Oulton Park in 2018 having turned a shade of peridot green myself after passenger laps with you - made me realise how pedestrian I really was (am) on track in mine. 🤢😮🤪


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I have every expectation the new owner will frequent these pages. Funnily enough, whenever a passenger one always feels the driver is quicker than you are but only by being line astern do you find out. There are so many folks significantly faster than me - my mechanical sympathy and self-preservation switches trigger too early to be truly fast!

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