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Cayman in beige?!

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Have you seen this one chaps? It's beige?!




What's that colour called, or is it a customer special order?


Not my taste at all, doesn't show off the curves at all.



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10 minutes ago, Tozerman said:

I think that means it has sold 👀

Holy mother of God, have people no taste 🤣

the porsche factory offers some bad colors too imho in many models 

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PTS maybe......but yeah that is bad however i have seen much worse . Have you ever seen a person buy a yellow car.....and i mean a person the REALLY likes a yellow car ,what they cant get from the factory they unbolt a paint yellow 

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MG midget was my first car. That was red as well. Really tiny car for a 6ft 2 guy. Bought it when I was 15 and rebuilt with my dad. Really got the hang of filler and taught myself to spray.

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