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New member and spacer/locking nut question


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After much dithering looking at gen 1 cayman s but worried about the usual issues I found a lovely gen 2 2.9 from a Craig a member on here. It had been well looked after mainly by autofarm. It feels and is slightly down on torque to the S i drove but more than enough power at the moment for our roads and can sleep easy. Saying that any mods remaps that can be recommended. 


Craig has added what looks like TPI 7mm & 15mm spacers and although they look great I would prefer to have some locking wheel nuts in the correct size but am struggling to find anything online. Can someone help me. Im guessing thread length would need to be 35mm f and 40 to 45mm rear?


The photo is from the sale advert


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The days of coming out to find your car on bricks has long past imo... Was more of an 80's issue...


Removing a locking wheel bolt with a special tool (anybody can buy them) is easy!!


These days you'll be more likely to find the whole car gone & in a shipping container (probably stripped & in in its component parts within 4 hrs of being stolen!!)


I didn't have lockers on my SLK AMG wheels & don't on my RS 3.6 alloys on my CS 😉

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