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Has anyone had any experience of Vogtland Sport Lowering Springs ?

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They seem to get good reviews for the most part; ref Porsche fitment (?):




I came across some slight 'horror' stories out there from a few of the beemer lads (3-series particularly) saying one end was too soft and the other too hard blah blah........


My opinion ? As much as i personally hate being the sheep - and following the flock for no good reason......the 'majority' of people often do the same thing for good reason.


 I'm not sure how cheap they are compared to more mainstream lowering kits, but as much of the cost is in the fitting labour (Not to mention any top mounts, drop-links or other parts etc that you'll find need replacing) while 'in there'........to save a small amount of money here; versus known springs such as H+R and Eibach - on the very part that is the crux of lowering a car, it perhaps seems short-sighted ? If it was something that was cheaper / more easily swapped-out i'd entirely agree with giving it a go. Then again it may turn out to be visionary going against the grain per-se !


Good Luck.



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I have fitted Vogtland springs myself on my 350z GT HR... No issues other than being much lower than expected so I now have to be extra careful of speed bumps etc!! Handles well with fairly aggressive geo settings... In fact my lap times are very similar to my CS 😄 ... I fitted H&R's on my CS which are a tad more expensive (Porsche tax!!)



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They're used quite widely with VAG cars, normal they represent the 'Budget' option over more expensive main brands. 

They offer a cheap method into lowering a car. 

If it were me, I would look to something like H&R if you were just going down the spring route. Having used them myself on an older Leon Cupra, they gave good results and the ride was slightly firmer than stock (at new) would have been. 

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