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Ed's modded 987.1 S


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Thanks for the comments. I'm really enjoying developing it from where the previous owner left off. Just want to get out and drive it now..! It felt great on the short snowy drive home with the LWFW and GT3 MC making very noticeable differences,  ( the diff less so but that will become clear in due course )


As well as the Zunsports and GT3 chin/lip I've also got a stick on front plate to fit, ( and decide if I like ), which should collectively make the front end look slightly cleaner and just a tad more purposeful but still OEM ish..


On the mechanical front I've got the powerflex yellow engine mount insert to go in too. I was going to get it fitted when the LWFW/LSD and RS mounts went in but I was worried I could spoil it with too many changes all at once that all had the potential to add NVH...My expectation when first firing it up after the work was of a "chinngg" from the flywheel and some gentle vibration through the chassis...As it turned out there was nothing of note , it felt surprisingly similar to before and although on the move it now revs more readily and the diff can be detected, it is still really smooth so I think I can poss try the insert after all..



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I spoke to my local indie about engine conversions, and they actually suggested buying from Hartech a reworked 3.8L M97.01 (997) engine and providing the existing 3.4L M97.21 (987) engine as a part-trade, rather than having a big-bore conversion. The conversion puts you in the low-mid 300 hp range, whereas the 3.8L 997 Carrera S engine sits at 350 hp stock.


They reckoned it would be a similar price, too, depending on the condition of your current unit (I seem to remember a knackered unit would net you £1000 or so).


Worth keeping in mind in any case.

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