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gen 2 2.9 vs 3.4


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I have a really nice 2.9. Really enjoy wringing it out but sometimes feel it lacks a bit of mid range punch particularly when an overtake presents itself in third gear (yes i know could drop down to 2nd).

It would probably be circa £6k to change has anyone driven both is there much difference in performance. 

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It should be decently quicker, 55hp more after all. I also have the 2.9 and I love it. On a B road blast I never think 'I wish I had an S', the base is already more thank quick enough to enter liscence loosing territory very easily. I will agree that the lack of grunt before the cam change (under 4k rpm) on overtakes can be frustrating though, and it's in these situations that I think the 'S' would be preferable. 


I haven't driven an 'S' so am also keen to hear a considered opinion from someone who has driven both gen 2 cars.

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When I was looking for mine in 2017 I drove both S and non-S, although only 1 example of a non-S. 

I remember i liked the 2.9 enourmously because it had a ‘liveliness’ to it that I don’t think the S has. I attribute that to its slightly lighter weight with the marginally smaller engine perhaps and it’s 18” wheels that seemed to provide a quicker eagerness to its turning. 

I also felt you could wring it’s revs out in each gear to hear that flat-6 howl without feeling like you were going mental on the roads. Whereas in the S, anything above 5k RPM in any gear above 2nd is crazy speeds for the road. 

i agree, for a quick agile B-road fun car the 2.9 is sublime and as much car as one could ever need. 

However, I went for the S for 2 main reasons:

1) I wanted the additional grunt on track

2) I’d always think to myself ‘I wish I’d gone for the S’. (But in the same way I now think, ‘I wish I’d got an R’… 🙄😄). 

if you work the gears well on the 2.9 to keep it in the sweet spot of revs I think it would be as quick across roads as the S, albeit perhaps lacking a little bit for a quick overtake from lower speeds & revs if stuck behind traffic. 

on a track though, different matter - although a PDK 2.9 could be as quick overall around a track as a manual S possibly… 🤔

have you driven an S to see for your self to see / feel the difference?

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no just a gen 1 S for which i didnt feel a great difference. Maybe the speedo numbers were a little higher but think i preferred the feel of the 2.9.


Not many gen 2 S for sale locally that I can try. Like you say i dont track it and plenty fast enough before iI catch up to traffic these days. Think the main issue is the longish third gear

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My racing days are over [30 years of corvettes] so it was time to slow down and enjoy a smoother ride [17 inch tires] so i opted for a 2.9.........but the adage still applies ....i never have had too much power ....get the 3.4 . PO has always been about reving the snot outta every gear and hope ya get to the turn first ,even ferry said it once,over priced and under powered 

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