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2.7 Track Pads

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Super boring question but what track pads are people using? 


I've tried mintex m1144 and Ebc bluestuff and whilst they work well enough on track, they're just not lasting. At best I'm getting 2 track days (400 miles) out of a set (usually due to them wearing more on one side or tapering etc). 


Given that stock pads are 20 quid and the Ebc pads were 160,i don't really think that I'm getting particularly good value for money at the moment

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I find they last just as long as the standard Brembo pads tbh... The Ferodo DS2500 compound is a crossover fast road/track compound but their DS3000 is more of a track biased compound... Give 'em a go as they're good value at around £125 ish per axle...

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Brembo HP2000 sport pad - for a 987. 2 S they’re about £120 from design 911. 

I’ve done ~7000k miles including ~6 trackdays (150-200 lap-miles on each track day) on a set of fronts (with sebro slotted discs) and they still have   about 4/5mm on them. 

they’re not a true track/race pad - but I think they’re a good blend of sufficient cold bite for safe (and squeal free) road driving and seem to stand up well on track, but I’m not a heavy breaker. 

I’ve never used ds2500 or

mintex so can’t comment on a comparison to them. 

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