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Rear air intakes.

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Is it standard for the near side to be blanked, but the drivers side to not have the blanking plate? I can see inside and there is a cooling fan..


I just expected them to be the same.  Have read some people have removed the blanking to get better airflow.. but this would allow debris in?


no idea what’s the norm..?

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Near side intake is air induction for air filter & offside intake is for cooling of the engine bay.


"De-Snorking" the nearside intake by removing the restriction plate allows for supposedly better induction flow... I've got my CS desnorked & it does increase the intake roar at higher rpm but I don't notice any improvement in power.


Some folk remove the restriction plate and then fit a 3D printed type of plate (pointless imo)... I've never had any issue with debris/water ingress...

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7 hours ago, Ben said:

Have a look here for more info on the de-snork mod:




If you don't fancy the cost with shipping and everything, I'd be happy to print some of these for cheap(er). Easy enough to do a custom design too, if you want that. I'd be inclined to make the holes a little larger, myself.


I would need my hands on a PN 98757575700, though.


Custom CaymanOC design, anybody?

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