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Bad day at the office


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'kin hell...





If I ever scrape the funds together to get a Cayman I'm never going to the Nurburgring, I know my limits. Did a track day at Blyton Park in my modest little MR2 Roadster last week (in the peeing rain), thought I was doing quiet well until I had a trip with an old chap who had an identical stock MR2, apart from AD08 tyres. He's been doing track stuff for years, used to own a Radical. He wrung its neck and made it do amazing things with its 138hp, put a lot of much more powerful cars to shame. Just shows that skill is much more important than raw power. I need some lessons. 


oh, the GT4 driver was fine by the way.

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On 4/6/2016 at 21:55, Red Square Images said:

Car did its job. End of really? 


Certainly the end of the car! 

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You are really missing out if you don't take your car to the 'ring.  Yes it doesn't have much run-off but you don't have to drive like a lunatic.  Go on a track day there and get some instruction - it's the most fun I've ever had with all my clothes on!

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There is nothing like it, been in a Z4, 987 and 981. I am not the quickest but sun and dry on one place on the circuit and fog and wet on another is just mad and fun at the same time. 


A great place for a CaymanOC meet?

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