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Smaller front number plates

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So I saw on a GT3RS the other day he had a smaller front number plate and also removed the black plastic plinth behind it.  It looked much neater and quite smart.  Has anybody else done this on their cars and where do you get the smaller number plates from? 

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Smaller plates are available as 'show plates' and I think there is a company of the same name. These plates are illegal I believe (depends just how small you mean perhaps) and only give plod an excuse to pull you over so whilst it may look better you need to consider this. I once got pulled for wrongly spaced letters / numbers in a plate and was told another pull for the same issue and the registration mark would be withdrawn from me. Equally I had to get a properly spaced plate made, take it to an MoT centre to get the paperwork the copper had given me signed (for a fee of course) and present the signed paperwork at the police station - what a faf. I still see thousands of mis-spaced plates on the road so i assume I just got the wrong copper in the wrong mood on the wrong day since it's such an easy target for them otherwise. 



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Number plates are a minefield with allot of incorrect information out there being thrown around the various Forums, I would stick with the guidance on the .Gov and VOSA web-sites as that is what the law states so you can't go wrong. 


There is of course many 'loop holes' out there though, for instance. There is a set amount of space that has to be around each letter to the edge of the plate, but it doesn't necessarily state the plate has to be a physical length. 

So if you only have 5 digits on the plate then it could in theory be made shorter. 


I've had smaller plates on MX5's in the past on the front and never had any issues, but then I've kept the standard font so it doesn't stick out like some I've seen. 


Pressed plates are also a thing that is full of internet misinformation.... there is nothing illegal about pressed plates at all, you can by retro-reflective pressed plates that have been all through the VOSA testing and have been approved, but beware of the people selling them on eBay stating they meet the standards when they don't. 

I have them on my daily car, standard size and font, but pressed metal... I've spoken to Police about them (not from being pulled over I'll add!) and they have said they are perfectly fine. 

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I ordered on in the end, got it last week.  


Its a 3/4 size plate with no fancy stuff and correct type face and spacing.  So basically just smaller.  


Problem I have is some moron has screwed plate right through the plinth into the bumper so I have 4 holes in the bumper rather than 2.  The extra holes are wider than the new smaller plate so would be visible.  


So, I might need to have the bumper filled and sprayed when I have the bonnet done! 


The size of the plate is the same as the one on the front of the 991 GT3RS I posted the other day - in the Other Porsche thread 




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I have a reflective vinyl stick on plate for the front. Works with ANPR cameras (No issues with police) and cleans up the front end as it follows the curves of the bumper. Another option to the usual smaller/ tinted plates etc...


Bought them from ebay. :)




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