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CaymanOC Meet - December

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So, some discussion at the last meet about trying to squeeze in a pre-Christmas meet.  


Going for Sunday 11th December, before the silly season kicks in completely.  


Location to be decided but if we can have an idea of numbers it always helps, so comments welcome! 




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I'm interested. However the last meet was a little too early and too far away. To get to the super sausage for 9:00 AM would have meant a 7:00 AM start for me due to the distance. As much as I love my Cayman, my bed always wins on a cold Sunday morning.



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How about a Saturday, and chatting up a few OPCs to see what they'd lay on in the way of coffee, pastries, 911R test drives... etc... etc...?


Whoever gets the biggest promise from their local OPC gets to host the meet there.


How many "No, sorry" responses can you take?

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Just had a moan at the DP at Leicester so he may be a bit pee'd off.


Still, if you don't ask...


...just emailed Richard Grout, DP at Leicester.


I could take my sax and play Christmas tunes?   saxophone.gif  :4fvgdaq_th:


Anyway, I asked:


"Hi Richard,


I guess you won't know I'm a founder member (Nov'15) of the Cayman Owners Club and we like to meet up somewhere once a month or so depending on number of members interested.


It's been suggested that we find an accommodating OPC which might enjoy a gaggle of (maybe a dozen) Caymans and their owners meeting at the centre one Saturday morning in December (the 10th?).


The chase is on for club members to see what facilities their local OPC would offer us: Coffee; Pastries; 911R test drives, etc...


You never know, you might even sell one of us another car! Anyway, would Porsche Leicester be up for it?" 


...and Richard's reply:


Hi David


We would be delighted to have you here for coffee and croissants on a Saturday morning.


A few things to consider, we have a new £9,000 coffee machine on order due to arrive in early January so that could be a better time and Saturday is our busiest day so an early start would be appreciated before our mad rush. 


Let me know your thoughts.


Kind regards


Richard Grout

Centre Principal


Porsche Centre Leicester

Fletton Close

Thurmaston Lane





Tel:    01162 764488

Fax:   01162 744209





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I have to love Leics OPC for employing the incredibly named Jaz Hans (service receptionist). Any other great names at our OPCs?




I could bring my sax...

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Sound like there could be a few different OPC's that we could go to throughout the year perhaps?  


Plus being in or near a town could be a good excuse to the better half (wife or husband) to get some shopping in or a nice dinner out! 


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4 hours ago, Stokepotter said:

Hi guys, wolves opc can accommodate us on sat 10th if that is of any interest?

I need to advise them of numbers before the end of the week so if anyone interested leave word here.


Do they already have the new coffee machine and... croissants?

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9 hours ago, Stokepotter said:

Yeah sure, wolves is my local and i could attend on the 10th.


Could be an option, bit of a trek mind


Oddly enough I have to go to Wolverhampton this Friday - never been there before in my life.  


Does Sat 10th work for people? Show of hands please! 

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