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Schmee 150 Cayman GT4

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He is not my favourite reviewer and I think lately his output has got a bit flat but his fame has resulted in him getting to be part of many events we simply would not see otherwise which is the main reason I watch every now and again.


Bring back the old school Chris Harris as far as I am concerned, I am actually disappointed what has happened since he joined Top Gear.  The prime example being his review of the 911R which for some reason pitched it against the vantage S (I seriously doubt that was his choice).  Yes the later is a very good car but the R is one of the most anticipated car ever and the review just lacked the depth he would normally present. 

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Beanoir, I think prices are softening. I've been keeping an eye on prices since late summer when they were 100 to 115. On pistonheads there are about 10 cars offed below 90 and prices have reduced by 5 grand in the last month. Prior to Xmas there were 52 cars offered for sale on pistonheads, dropped to 42 and back to  44  I think cars have been removed from the website and remain unsold. I think prices will continue to soften and if enough cars remain unsold close to the launch of the 718 gt4 the speculators will have to sell them at lower levels, assuming the next gen is a good car. 

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I would agree that the market dropped from the crazy days of cars consistently achieving over 100k, however the market appears to have found its place. In the last 6 weeks there have been 21 cars sold from Porsche dealers.  


Specification and mileage plays a huge part.

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