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Weymouth Porsche on the proms

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I went last year (2016) I can't recall the number of Porsches there. 

It was well into the hundreds. Someone will come along who will know. It  could have been near to 500 /600 cars?


Eitherway , you need to be there early, Porsche on the Prom starts at 6.00pm. You will be guided into a parking spot to park up. It was very well organised last year. 

To whoever organises it and managed it  - Well Done!!

It's a great event , even if you do not own a Porsche, you should go and have  a look.  

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1 minute ago, Equinox said:

Just seen the pictures and will be going this year. Would be good if there was a club meet up before hand and cruise into the event :)


Good plan! 

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I'm not sure there were any specific club sections. 

I am a bit sparse on the knowledge, although I did attend. 

I believe it organised by one of the Porsche GB Clubs - I am guessing the nearest to Weymouth? 


Porsche Bournemouth had a stand and I believe 'sponsored' the event. However a quick check of Porsche Club GB would probably tell you. I am not a member of any Porsche GB Clubs


The local Rotary do all the marshalling, parking etc.


So maybe contact either?


When I went , we were ushered into parking areas with a whole variety of Porsche cars,  not Cayman specific.

I guess the Rotary are not responsible for that.


It was just good fun, to see so many Porsche , classic, new, old and so on.

The atmosphere was brilliant.


It took took up the whole of Weymouth sea front. You did not have to book, just turn up at around 4.00pn to 6.00pm to get everyone in time, as they close it off at 6.00 to normal traffic. 


I like the idea of a Caymanoc area!



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Went last year with the Tipec group, stayed the weekend in a local hotel great fun and very well organised 

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12 hours ago, Caymanwhite said:

....I believe it organised by one of the Porsche GB Clubs ...


It was organised by Porsche Club GB Dorset Region, Region 26 in PCGB speak. It came about because the organisers of the Poole/Rockley Park "Quay for my Car" event did not offer a Porsche only night as they had done in previous years.

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