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New Owner Dorset


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Hi and welcome along! 

What spurred on the move from the Boxster? 

We are gathering members all across the country, so I think there are some more local ones in your area. 

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Welcome :)


Have you checked out the Member Map? There are a few members down your way though I'm pretty sure.  


We met up at Simply Porsche (Beaulieu) last year so I'm guesssing not too far from you?

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On 07/03/2017 at 23:30, Shotty43 said:



Picked up my 2008 2.7 Cayman last week in Arctic silver. Absolutely delighted with it so far. Have previously had a 986 boxster but this feels vastly more accomplished in every way. Are there any other owners in this part of the world? I'd be interested to hear about any experiences of indy's/OPC in the area.


Thanks - and hope to meet some of you at a future meet




I used JMG Porsche for a minor service a couple of years ago, there was nothing wrong with what they did but for some reason I wasn't that keen, possibly just because they were not that easy for me to get to and their premises seemed a bit shabby. I prefer to go to Brookspeed in Eastleigh near Southampton as they are easy for me to get to (they charge £80 per hour now, plus VAT). Although not a Porsche specialist, but with the necessary experience, is Jon at Purbeck Sports Cars, unfortunately he's just too difficult for me to get to.

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Thanks for the warm welcome and advice! 


Andy - I owned a 986 boxster a few years back and have had an E85 z4 in between. Although the z4 was faultless including at track days at silverstone and brands hatch, I longed to be back in a Porsche. The Cayman looked like the next step forwards for me and am enjoying the experience so far!

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