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Wheel Refurbishment - Part Duex


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Further to my previous post, whilst the wheels were away for powder coating I thougt it best to repaint the newly installed discs. I used TechCote Satin Black heat resistant paint, I've used this for some while now and the previous application lasted a good 4 years on my DD 370Z.


Post spraying these were gently 'baked' in the oven, I find this best done when the wife has a few freinds round for a 'catch up'. She's less likely to kick off and just addresses it with "oh he's always doing that, last time it was the brake calipers..." I offer no guarantee that this will work for you, you take your chances ;)




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Oh very good... I got caught out with my some headlights in the oven once to soften the glue.... I've not tried wheels in the dishwasher yet! 

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