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Helmet choice / feedback


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Hi All,


looking at open face helmets for track daying, anybody used either of these:






i dont want to scrimp on an item of safety kit, but a £100 difference for a 'couple of times a year' tracking, as opposed to proper competitive use, is quite a bit (in fact it's half the fee for Beford autodrome ??). 





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I have an earlier version of the Sparco and can recommend them, it has an extremely useful tinted visor on the peak ... dispenses with the requirement for sunglasses on those few bright days :)


I use a nomex balaclava with it, makes for a more comfortable fit. 

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I get the feeling more and more trackday operators want to move to full face helmets (certainly for open top cars) so worth checking this out before splashing the cash. My comment on open top cars may not be pertinent to your car but it is not uncommon to get a passenger ride in something different which might not have a roof!

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Resurrecting this thread - I bought the Sparco Pro RJ3 helmet for the RS day and found it to be very comfortable for the whole day. 


Glad I didn’t spend the extra £150 for the (top gear used) Arai that squashes my face like a pugs, but equally glad I didn’t spend £130 less for the race safety accessories brand ‘cheap’ helmet. 

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