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Welcome Alistair! :) 


Certainly found the right place!  How do you rate the Cayman vs. the Vantage? I drove both before I bought my first Cayman and found them very different cars 

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The Cayman is a much easier car to drive and a lot more lively. I prefer the styling of the Aston and the comfort when cruising but you know you are driving a much heavier car when you start to push. The brakes are much better on the Aston, the rate the car stops is incredible considering the extra weight, it's something on the Porsche that could with improvement as standard.

I was a bit apprehensive with the PDK, but what a gearbox, superb! I try to convince potential customers how good it is and certainly not a normal sluggish auto you find in most cars. Overall I prefer driving the Cayman but I would like to arrive in the Aston!


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Welcome ... and best wishes with the business venture.


Agree with your comment on the PDK, I am in the process of changing over to one !

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I'd bet you'll find the Cayman a fair bit more reliable and cheaper to run than the Aston. My mid-life Aston crisis was exactly that. A year of misery and £1,000 a month to run. Never again. Not had wet ankles when driving since I sold it. o.O

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