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Tyre ‘weld’ gunk & puncture repair


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Picked up a puncture this evening in the last 10 miles of 500 mile round trip to Lancs and back and used the tyre gunk and compressor, which were surprisingly effective. 


2 questions:

1) how mich is replacement gunk and can you only get from Porsche dealers?


2) if it’s a ‘simple’ puncture (eg a nail) and I get it repaired will it matter that the tyre is now lined with gunk?


Basically I’m wondering if I can avoid a replacement tyre if it’s only a simple puncture - I’ve had performance tyres puncture repaired before with self vulcanising rubber ‘plugs’, but it wasn’t full of gunk....


i wanted to to get through the winter on the F1 eagles as they’ve all got good tread on and then move to Michelin’s next year after coffin arms replaced on March service and a full geometry set up - don’t really want to bring all that forward by 5 months. 


obviously depends where the puncture is, can’t see anything in outer sidewall. 


Cheers, Jason

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I had a similar dilemma with my wife's MPV a few years ago, she picked up a screw in the tread gullies and it went down in a few miles so she used the 2 tins of Holts tyreweld that I insisted was carried and got home ok. so I took it off and went to ATS who popped the tyre off the rim, found all the latex foam everywhere inside and refused to repair the tyre and would only offer to fit a new tyre telling us  that 'company policy' stated that the tyre was unrepairable because of the sealant.. I told them we couldn't afford another tyre and I had a spare at home that was punctured as well as Id never got round to patching it as we had a new tyre fitted instead. they offered to repair that one and refit it for £20. so I drove home with the old tyre full of tyreweld, got the pressure washer out and removed all traces of sealant in about 2 minutes, dried it off, dragged it round the garden, covered it with dirt and took it back to ATS. they didn't bat an eyelid, washed the tyre, plugged it fitted and balanced it and charged me 20 quid. thanks guys. when we sold the Sedona a couple of years later, that tyre was probably the most reliable thing left on the car. why didn't they just ask me to get my hands dirty as they didn't want to, I could have just wiped it out in the car park with some fore court roll.  company policy my arse...

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Thanks Bushman,


ive found this holts web page in which they quote a British Standard (BS AU159) that says you can repair post ‘tyre weld’. 




but it I think the holts stuff is an expanding foam, where as the Porsche stuff seemed more like a liquid latex. Which might just ‘peel’ of from inside the tyre?


SWMBO is kindly taking Otto the tyre fitter for me this afternoon as I’m at work all day - will see what they say...

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Brilliant pointer Barry - thanks, just ordered it from Amazon, it’s clearly exactly the same product as the OEM stuff, same bottle, tube, valve insert tool, just a different label. 


I moght phone Porsche to get a price just for a laugh. 


I have opted for for the new tyre approach, rather than repair. It’s a 170mph car after all (on private roads...). 

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Porsche charged me around £53 to replace my out of date sealant earlier this year when they picked it up on their free health check.  I wouldn't normally buy that sort of thing from them but they have done me a couple of favours recently so it was a case of grin and bear it!

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Hi Woodhouse,


Design 911 have it for a similar price of £53 - part no  95572263100.



I noticed last night on the OEM Porsche bottle of gunk that it actually says Terra-S on the bottom edge of it.  So the £21 bottle of Terra S from Amazon is exactly the same stuff, but without a Porsche emblem on the bottle!




Even with the £14 delivery charge from Germany it’s still cheaper than from a dealer. 


Repair is still holding today after 2 days (I’ve not driven it since limping home on Sunday) - I am impressed with the kit as a ‘get you home’ alternative to a space saver. New tyre fitting tomorrow, £201 for a Goodyear Eagle F1 265/35/R19 N0 from local Just Tyres branch - it was cheaper to order from their online site and select the fitting branch, date and time (excellent web chat customer service experience to confirm N0 spec) than it was over the phone direct with the local branch. 



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New tyre fitted, which always makes a car look better I think and softens the £201 cost. 


Interesting looking at the inside of the punctured tyre, the liquid latex gunk was still fluid sloshing in the bottom of the tyre and had completely covered the inner surface of the wheel. It had only solidified at the ‘exit wound’ where the latex had contact with ambient air as it exuded under centrifugal force. 


I think it it could have all been cleaned up, with some time and patience and a lot of paper towel, and the puncture hole repaired. However, having looked at the puncture itself it was a large hole (between 6-10mm) and ragged edged, so I don’t think I’d have been comfortable having it plugged. 


Looks like I went over a large screw with some sort of large diameter washer attached - you could see the imprint of the washer / backplate. It wasn’t left in the tyre though. There was a loud ‘pop’ and a ‘clonk’ under the car when it happened so I think it must have punctured and then been fired back out under the 34psi in the tyre and hit the wheel arch / under tray. 


Impressed with the tyre gunk none the less, for future reference.  

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Ha ha ha - not me.

i was actually (possibly fortunately) only doing <70mph as I was just coming off the M40 at junction 8 towards Thame and Aylesbury. 

I hit whatever it was just before I exited on to the slip road. 

Luckily only 12 miles from Home, and I had done 500 miles to Lancs n back over the wknd with some ‘spirited’ driving on the odd occasion. ?

i do like that (unofficially) deresticted toll road around Brum...... ??????

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  • 3 years later...

Just ordered some TERRA-S on Amazon, £22.89, having accidently discovered the treasures behind the panel in fboot some 6 months after buying car 2nd hand - but  gunk can is missing from the set (as well as philips screwdriver from tool set). 

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