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On 23 December 2015 at 11:06, Nail it said:

So how many GTS owners do we have on this site then?

2 pics of mine, one taken the day I picked it up and the other on the way into PC national day 







Apart from the PCCB...wish i'd specced them now :( How are you finding them?

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Spec added, would have added this post to my first one but can't see how to do that, anyway here it is and feel free to add pics and spec of your GTS


Cars extra's plus it has a few others not on the list

Reversing Camera with Park Assist
Online Services
6 CD/DVD Autochanger
Digital Radio
Bluetooth Telephone Preparation
Speed Limit Display
Light Design Package
Automatic Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Heated Seats
PCCB (Porsche Composite Ceramic Brakes)
PTV (Porsche Torque Vectoring)
Automatic Dimming Mirrors
Electric Mirrors
Bi Xenon Headlamps with PDLS+
Rear Wiper
GTS Black Exterior Package
Sports Bucket Seats
20" 911 Turbo Design Alloy Wheels
GTS Interior Package
Carmine Red Instrument Dials
PCM (Satellite Navigation)
Burmester Surround Sound System
Carbon Door Sill Guards
Inner Door Sill Guards in Leather
Steering Column Casing in Leather
Dashboard Trim Package in Leather
Air Vent Slats in Leather
Fuse Box Cover in Leather
Door Trim Package in Leather
Vehicle Key Painted
Sports Suspension
Wheels Painted Black
Includes 2 Years Porsche Warranty

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5 hours ago, MarkGTS said:




Apart from the PCCB...wish i'd specced them now :( How are you finding them?


Don't panic about PCCB. At PEC Silverstone the other week, my instructor told me they'd never seen a set of standard 981 brakes give any problem under continuous track usage. They have had one set of PCCBs fail however due to over-heating. Strange but true!

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Has anybody experienced problems with shifting into first from neutral, like when waiting at the lights or in traffic?  I get a dreadful noise and sometimes a real "thunk".  


Got it booked in at OPC next week, but wondered if it's a GTS/981 thing.  

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On 4 February 2016 at 19:24, Prestonese said:

I do. But only when it is really cold and I haven't driven it all week. It goes away once it is warmed up.


I wish that was the case for mine, the noise i'm getting is like a grinding clunk...can't be right.  Makes me not want to drive it at the moment.  Time to test my warranty i suspect :S

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How often do you check/ get a tire pressure warning? Mine came up with a tire warning after a euro trip last summer, with one low. I reset all to the correct pressure using a decent gauge. But yesterday another warning on a rear tire and checking the pressures again they were all out. I know its cold but it does sit it a pretty well insulated garage, so just wondered.


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Thought I'd update this thread with my GTS woes (and positives!).  My gear change issues didn't disappear and I've been back to the dealer a number of times.  They originally suspected an issue with the hydraulic system, so emptied it of liquid and refilled it, to make sure there were no contaminants and also to bleed it of air - that didn't work! 


Another trip and numerous days without the car, and eventually they removed the whole gearbox! They wanted to check the clutch, they weren't sure it was that and so believe it or not they have put a completely new gearbox on it.  


The whole process means I've been without my car (but did have a Macan on loan) for a good few weeks.  The new gearbox was shipped from Germany and the warranty covered it all of course.  


So so wasn't the best experience initially but my GTS is now perfect and the service was pretty good in the end.  


Apparently the dealer said as soon as they discussed it with Porsche Germany they said replace the gearbox, which suggested to him there was a known issue with the PDK units on the 981, not that this was in any way an official communication! 



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