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Started last Sunday finished this weekend, goal was to seal concrete floor which I’d did with a liquid seal to stop dust from floor before putting the floor down, and make it a bit nicer and brighter, it’s not on par with a fitted cabinet pro job nor in the same budget! Finished this am wall mounting the CTEK and couple more pics, it’s modest single garage,


















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1 hour ago, Windymiller said:

I have a double and no room for a car in either - MUST change that this year.... ???


Bring on the shame... ;) 

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Just waiting to move into a new (to me) house with what must be a triple width and 1.5 deep detached garage. Crap photo...




No real plans for it, but will be glad to move away from two single garages currently. It'll be useful to be able to get all round a car if needed when it's raining.


Just put in for planning on the house itself so that will take precedence, a year or so of work, and a great deal of money to sort.



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My porsche doesnt have a garage. The garage currently houses 2 beetles and a Sierra Cosworth. There's NO room whatsoever for anything else lol 

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On 03/04/2018 at 21:43, Tom said:


Bring on the shame... ;) 

So I was shamed enough to sort mine out and now I have a workshop / gym one side and the ‘Pig Pen’ as I’ve decided to term the Porker garage side ????





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