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Hi I have tried searching for some audio related questions to no avail, so can anyone help me with the following?


The hifi in my cayman is pretty poor and my cdr has no USB or nav or anything really. I therefore want to replace the head unit with an android auto unit, replace the ASK with a two channel and replace the door speakers. I have the sound package plus but I'll ditch all that and just go with 2 channel components and leave the dash and rear speakers disconnected.


1. Can you suggest somewhere I can get some speaker rings which will allow me to fit my 6.5"s into the 8" doors? I'm looking to fit them along with tweeters in the 4" location.

2. Can you suggest an easy grommet location to get the cabling from the head unit through to the amp, and in turn from the crossovers to the speakers? I'm going to place the amp and crossovers in the little cubbie hole in front fo the battery.

3. Will eliminating the oem stuff result in me losing my parking sensor beeps?


Thanks in advance,


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I had an Android Auto unit fitted in my CR with a reversing camera (already had OEM sensors) by B&B Audio Concepts in Cardiff.


£800 for the full install and they're a good bunch.  Waz is the owner there and has been doing ICE since the 90s.

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3 hours ago, Porsched eggs said:

Thanks Aaron, was that the cost to fit or for the kit including fitting?


All in.  It was going to be around £700 but I had to pay for some extra harnesses due to the amp.

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I fitted an Android Auto HU myself, took a bit of time but got there. I assume you don't have the Bose setup in your car? I used a specific harness about £200, but then kept the reverse sensor and steering wheel buttons. Just be aware of the aerial using a FAKRA connection, and also prob need a phantom power feed for the aerial also. I also went for a sub under the passenger seat.


In regards to speaker ring, you can get some from the US, but not worth the cost inc customs and delivery. You can make some yourself from MDF or perspex.


For wiring there is supposed to be a grommet in the firewall to the right of the battery, which goes through to the drivers footwell. May be worth a look?

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Why not just fit decent 8" component door mid speakers & the tweeters? :35_thinking:


I fitted my Pioneer DVD headunit but I didn't have the "Sound Plus" package (which is shite anyways!)


I used Infinity Reference components in the doors with the crossover fitted behind the door card panel.


I fitted 4" Pioneer 2 way speakers in the rear suspension turrets (tbh they don't sound that good but I'm toying with the idea of custom fitting some shallow 6.5" components in the engine cover carpet!)


I also fitted a discrete 150w active sub under the passenger seat (decent punch to the bass without sounding like a 19yr old boy racer!)


Best to use OFC cabling for max conductivity & corrosion resistance!

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Or fit decent 6.5" components & make an MDF speaker ring for the mids & tweeter & fit the crossover behind the door card as mentioned above...

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2 hours ago, Porsched eggs said:

I've got a set of 6.5s already so I want to use them and they will produce plenty of low end so I don't think I need the 8s



Fabbing some speaker mounts from MDF to fit the 6.5's to shouldn't be too difficult?


This link shows the adapters (US) but they are just 1/2" MDF too...



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