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TheyMadeMeDoIt's Cayman S 987.1 Project


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13 minutes ago, PMGPete said:

Are you from NI too or is it just an NI reg?  Looks great on grey


Noooo I’m in Essex. Is it a NI plate? I’m pretty sure the previous owner bought it as a personalised plate 

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So I removed the side Porsche decals over the weekend which in my mind makes it look much more sleek.

I've also collated new side indicator lenses with chrome bulbs and upgraded Nighteye LED bulbs for the headlights, sidelights and foglights which I'll be fitting this weekend.

I think I'm going to look into coilovers next as the ride is VERY crashy (No PASM + 19's). Potentially BC Racing as they are have ride height, damping and camber adjustment.

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The car is in with Dave at DSD Motorwerks who are very highly regarded because I have a few little issues (which are costing an absolute fortune to rectify) but he's told me that my 2007 Gen 1 has the DFI engine in it which I'm happily surprised about!


I didn't think the DFI came into fruition until 2009?

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