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Hi All


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Welcome onboard Rob. Nice looking car.


Might be worth getting a battery conditioner if car sits unused for a while.

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Thanks for the welcome guys. 


It's my local gym and normally a tennis court but in the winter they cover it so we have additional parking, which is handy. 


Thanks Daz yes think I'll pick one up,. I have one on the MR2 in the winter to trickle charge, it's a standard Halfords one which is great.  Would you recommend one that plugs into the cigarette socket rather than the terminals for the Cayman?



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I use mine through cigarette socket. I know a few of the guys on here have installed permanent leads on battery so you can keep bonnet locked. My conditioner is the ctek. Got it through PGB who offer a discount.

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I use a NOCO Genius trickle charger/maintainer (with batt fly lead)... I also have a LiFePO4 lithium in my track bike & the NOCO works on ALL battery types...

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