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Wheel Studs

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Like many (I'm sure) I hate the OEM wheel bolts, great big bloody things. 

I am considering some Renntech wheel studs/nuts. Has anyone done the same or got any advice or feedback? 

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Thanks for the replies. 

Didn't want to get the plastic covers that are available, think they look just as bad TBH. 

Wasn't aware of the need to regularly replace the studs, must look into that. 

All opinions welcome. 

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I converted my race Boxster to studs. Much easier for changing wheels. I got long studs to be able to play with different spacers but they do shorter standard ones too



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I have contacted Rennline and for street use there is a need to change them every two years!! 

Think I'll put them on hold for the time being.... 

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When I bought my Cayman the condition of the bolts really let it down, and as a temporary measure I bought some plastic caps, expecting them to still look a bit rubbish and eventually all fall off.  A year later and all of them are still on the car, and I actually quite like the look of them now! 

I didn't buy from this actual seller but I think these are the ones I have - they're more of a matt grey than black:



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