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Checking in!

Steve Hewson

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Hey Steve, welcome to the OC! 


It would be great to watch progress of the 718 conversion!  If you set up a thread in the Members Cars section, I for one would be keen to follow that.  👍

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Welcome fella. 

Our resident bonafide Boxster race car driver @Andy Fagan might be able to offer general guidance on race car prep. 

id have thought with the 718 2.0 4cyl turbo that enhanced / increased turbo cooling might be a consideration for a race ready car?


Perhaps lower temp water thermostat?

Are you manual / PDK?  Extra radiator cooling?


Is there a ‘bigger / better’ oil sump available?


And of course brake upgrades - no point going quicker if you can’t stop quicker: braided hoses, high-temp race fluid, bigger (floating) discs, harder pads... etc, etc....


And then suspension upgrades to be able to best deploy that power and stopping to the ground as traction. 

But I wouldn’t know where to even start on suspension - but there’s always Centre Gravity to help there...😉👍🏻

And @jcm987 might have some insights from his car on suspension and geometry set up for track. 


Good luck with your race prep build, it would be very interesting to see a build thread. 

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