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Wheel Stud Conversion Kit 45mm


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Competition Wheel Stud Conversion Kit BALL SEAT 45mm used on my Cayman when running spacers.  Picture shows with 12 mm spacers.


Purchased from Design 911 in March 2019 for £180 with VAT and delivery.


£70 delivered, collection welcome as they are pretty heavy.



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On 14/09/2020 at 22:23, Frayz said:

Easier to change wheels when removing and refitting them regularly. :)

Meh... I use a threaded alignment bar & just slide the wheel off over it lol 😊

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Cheap as chips on eBay fella 😉  Just remove 4 wheel bolts & screw the threaded bar in then remove last bolt & the wheel just slides on & off...


Linky: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALLOY-WHEEL-ALIGNMENT-TOOL-FOR-PORSCHE-M14X1-5-FITTING-REMOVAL-NUT-BOLT-1T3/361808859514?fits=Car+Make%3APorsche&hash=item543d7d117a:g:lPkAAOSwTptbUzL2

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I got them from Design 911, not sure if they still do the 45mm length, there are various on their website.


I was running spacers so needed these or longer bolts, as mentioned other options available if you just want to make wheel removal easier.

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