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Service and MOT booked

Nail it

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As above really, MOT tomorrow afternoon and 4 year main service and recalls booked in at Porsche silverstone the following friday.

Looking forward to driving it once again, as its been a while.

Seems a shame to change the spark plugs with less than 5K miles off use, but apparently then need to be changed.

Will probably be the last OP service it gets as after this i think i will go somewhere like RPM, as the full main service is £1075, and RPM is around £300 cheaper, but they couldn't do it the end of May, plus i guess with the extra distance, time, plus lossing a days wage, the OP is probably cheaper, plus if i do sell it, probably once again nicer to have than an independent.

Anyway looking forward to redline once again and the houl of the engine

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On 22/04/2021 at 23:35, Julian987 said:

AutoFarm is just up the road. They have a huge reputation as being best of the best indies 

Not heard of Autofarm - what can you tell us?


RPM are super though. I've given up with OPCs after Leicester "made an error" and applied an extended warranty to my 981 which was later declared void due to Zunsport grilles.


Another OPC didn't know what temp the oil gauge should show, were closed when I went to collect the car at the arranged time (10am Saturday), damaged my paint when eventually returning the car (driven to me), thought you needed to open the boot to check the oil level, put Tesco fuel in it.


Indies care, OPCs don't give a flying fig!

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AutoFarm as said above, are a very well known Porsche outfit and have been for many years now.  They’re particularly well regarded for their knowledge with the classics.  Engine rebuilds are up there with Hartech and have developed some interesting stuff. They’ve been awarded a number of ‘best indie’ and ‘best 911 restorations’ by Total 911.  They just don’t seem to brag and their marketing is very low key, quietly confident I would say. 

They’re not local to Dunc though, they’re based down in Bicester.  

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Yep very much looking forward to using it this year and getting some enjoyment and enthusiasm back for it all, gave the wifes boxster a very good clean up and got that also back on the road, and enjoyed the trip out in it yesterday 

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