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Front bumper misalignment - adjustment?

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Hi all, 


I've noticed the front bumper on my 987.1 S has dropped slightly.  From a couple of metres away it is not noticeable but the closer you get you can see it is quite far out.  I don't have a huge amount of space in the garage or out front so want to avoid taking the bumper off entirely if possible.  I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to adjust it? 


The two sides by the indicators meet up perfectly, but its as if the front has just tipped forward slightly. 


I should add, I have already tried removing the retaining clips beside the headlights and the 3 torx screws by the bonnet latch and given it a wiggle but it made no difference.    


Thank you in advance. 





thumbnail (3).jpg

thumbnail (4).jpg

thumbnail (5).jpg

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The front bumper kind of slides on so unless the clips at the side have been damaged, I can't really see how it would have dropped in that way. Personally, I'd loosen off all of the fixings (including the ones behind the side repeaters) and see if you can push it into a better position

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Can you take some pictures showing the whole panel gap around the bumper and bonnet/wings?


Your bonnet looks like it's too close to the nearside, too.  It is difficult to tell with the limited scope.

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3 hours ago, Windymiller said:

I measured the gap on mine with vernier calipers and it’s 4mm consistently across the front edge of the bonnet to the bumper. 

I haven't measured mine but as you say, the gap is consistent all round and I have had the bumper on and off a few times and it has always returned to the same place

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Thanks for the replies - sorry I hadn't come back to this sooner.  


4mm is helpful, thanks.  It does seem odd that the sides are fine but the front is not.  I will take it over to somewhere with a bit more space and take the whole thing off and re-set it.  


Bigger things in the world to worry about but it does drive my OCD slightly nuts! :-) 


Thanks all. 

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