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Strange whistling noise from engine

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Took my 3.4 S for a spin tonight and noticed a whistling coming from the engine, matches revs - higher the revs, higher the pitch…and then whistles all the way back down the Rev range as you’re off the gas. It wasn’t there before when I drove it back from purchase. It sounds like air escaping through a tiny crack but def not AC or vents. Coming from the rear in engine bay. 

Anyone had this before on their Cayman? 

Any help is much appreciated 



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Is it actually from the engine bay or could it be alternator whine through the speakers? My first car used to sound like a turbo because of this

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Odd question, but has the oil/coolant fill hatch been left open? I noticed similar noises after a service and spoke to my indie about it. I eventually found that this had been left open. I closed it and the noise went away. I was very surprised at the difference it made (as was my indie).


Edit - just reread your post, mine was more of a whirring than a whistling, so may not be relevant. 

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