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987s Electrical Problem - i'm totally lost

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Hello All,


The last couple of weeks, i've had some really frustrating electrical gremlins hit my Gen 1 987s.


Its got a new battery as of 7 weeks ago, and a new alternator 2 years ago.


Its been doing the weirdest things such as;

- Infotainment screen flickering on and off.

- Dash flickering on and off.

- Window dropping and not going back up when close door.

- Rear spoiler goes up by itself.

- PSM and PASM coming on and off at will


however, the worst bit was a week ago when the PSM came on, it wouldn't go off, so i pulled over to switch the car off and....that was that, total black out! Just like when the battery is dead.

Even the key was stuck and wouldn't come out (as like when the battery is dead).


So when the recovery guy came, in order to get to the battery and open the boot lid, i showed him how to with the "live" toggle in the fuse box, and negative attached to the striker......and again, absolutely nothing! Tried with a jumper pack and leads, but it was dead, complete black out.


Got recovered back home (window was halfway down aswell), left it overnight in its recovered state, and the next day i went to get some tarpaulin to put over the roof and protect the inside from the impending rain  the next day.


When i get to the car and open the door, weirdly the door window dropped (As it does when you open the car), and the dash was on! Fully lit up.


I took the key out, and the dash lights stayed on! And is still on a week later.


The problem is i dare not start it up incase it doesn't switch itself off.


Has anyone experienced this before or could hint to what it might be?

Also, does anyone know a good mobile auto electrician in Lincoln / Lincolnshire.


Thanks in advance,




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A loose battery connector would be the first thing id check.  I had this years ago and although it looked fine i could turn the connector on the post. Changed the clamp and all was great again

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Check your ignition switch tumbler and connections... not unknown for the ignition barrel to FUBAR.

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Low voltage can cause weirdness with sensors on other cars.. presume you have checked voltage on the battery, although ideally the amp output needs to be checked. Potentially faulty battery or connections as mentioned above seems most likely. 


hope that helps. 

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Sorry fir slow response guys, been taken back a bit with HRH passing.


Many many thanks for all the replies and thoughts, and many thanks to Aaron for sharing the wiring diagram on planet 9.


I've got the car booked Into an auto electricians now, and the battery has gone flat now (probably what was still running inside has caused it to go flat).


The battery is good by the way, I got it tested at the garage that fitted it just as the gremlins started. 


It goes in on Wednesday but I'll print this thread out to assist them. 


I'll report back with what they find. 

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Great news Dan and glad you got it sorted.  Btw i leave mine for many weeks at a time due to the travel of my work but always just leave it on the ctek, handbrake off and in gear.


I have done this for many many years with my previous car that had a tiny Odyssey 680 battery and a temperamental rotary engine and it was always fine. 


My issue with battery isolators is the electronics will possibly forget certain settings like window limits,  pcm stuff etc.  Also imagine your wife thought she would do you a favour and close the bonnet, that would be a pita without a spare battery.


Anyway im rambling, glad you got it sorted. 

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