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First Porsche - 987.2 Cayman S (and hello)


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23 hours ago, Andy L said:

Looks like a nice car, love the Newer style turbo wheels. What's the full spec?


Thank you.

19" Turbo 2 wheels
Sport Chrono Plus
Leather Sport Seats Plus (the ones with better shoulder support)
Left/Right Up/Down flappy paddle steering wheel
Climate A/C
Rear Parking Sensors
Bose Surround Sound

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6 hours ago, DJMC said:



Great looking Cayman.


Could you be a little more specific with your location please? Helps us know what meets you may be up for. 


Thanks again, and done.

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4 hours ago, Keith W said:

Nice looking Cayman.

I was also after a Boxster S and ended up buying a gen 2 Cayman S.


I love rag tops, had loads over the years, but the sheer good looks of the Cayman, and the fact that I see it as "what the 911 should have evolved into" just drew me in.


i think we made the right choice.

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