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4 hours ago, Rob63 said:

Should anyone be looking for a cargo net I've found that the OEM Mini R56 net is a pretty good option, very well finished item. I bought 2 yesterday, although posted as secondhand they are as new and do the job just fine.


Best part is they are £10 as opposed to £40+ for the Porsche item.

Ebay item No - 262872206723


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Just looked at the pic again. I think it's one of those "the photo makes 'em look different...", both nets are in fact the same size and really do have a quality feel about them.

Gotta be the cheapest 'mod' ever :D

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1 hour ago, FLAT STICK said:

Hi Rob,

Just tried the item number but does not work, could you check it for me or post a link.


Thanks Dean

Hi Dean,

Just tried searching myself and no joy? Best bet is to call Norfolk Cars on 01553 600334 or 07793960000, tell them Rob called in last weekend and bought 2 Mini R56 nets for his Cayman. They had another 20 odd in the office so I can't believe they've all gone!


Good luck and let me know how you get on.



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15 hours ago, Red Square Images said:

I think I got the last one!


When I got my 2 last weekend there was around 20 of them in a box! Can't believe they went so quick!!!

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Good spot. Mine was missing and I was reluctant to spend £45 on a replacement. I've just ordered a genuine Mini net for £15. 

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14 hours ago, s3 akr said:

Can you give details of the Mini year and model etc. that you order against please.


Was this question for me? As per the original post, R 56 Mini. I believe this will be a R 56 Gen 2 MY 2008 onwards, but then I'm no Mini expert...Google is though xD

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No dramas, just make sure you order the correct net though. Obviously you want the 'rectangular' one, not the 'triangular' side storage net.

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