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My 987s now has Carnewal exhaust


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Busy week!

i serviced the car with new oil, filter, plugs and serpentine belt. 

Not as hard as I thought, but the plugs are a b1tch to get at!


On Wednesday, my wife and I had a day trip to Belgium to Carnewal. It's really easy to do - drive to Channel Tunnel - tunnel under - Calais to Belgium and Gert's workshop was about an hour and a half / 3/4 and really easy to find. 


Originally the the plan was for Gert to modify my exhaust but once we looked at it properly, it was pretty poor condition due to having the rear cats removed before. Do I bought replacement rear exhaust and new GT3 tips and it was all fitted in about an hour. It sounded great there and during the drive home, just got better and better. 

I took it for a blast yesterday and it has improved again. I think the ECU has now adjusted as well to the race plenum, GT3 throttle body and race filter / desnork.


The car now sounds awesome - really GT3 like - and is pulling significantly harder everywhere- especially at the top end. 


I can't recommend Carnewal enough, Gert is a great bloke and his system is a lot cheaper than AWE, Milltek, Supersprint etc and sounds as good as anything else I've heard. The performance gains (together with the other breathing improvements) have transformed the car. 


I will try to get some pics and sound clips up. 



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I hope that worked - I've not uploaded vids before. Just to give you an idea of the sound - cold car so no big revs. 

I think it sounds great !


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Thanks guys. 

These were just after startup so no big revs or heat in the system. 

It gets even better when it's warmed up and the top end now is pretty wild ? 


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